Exploring Playwicki Farm

Playwicki Farm’s 110 acres has something of interest to offer everyone at every season. There is a playground, as well as paved trails, mowed turf trails, and woodland trails which allow visitors to explore the natural beauty of this jewel in Lower Southampton Township.

Walking/Jogging Trails

This is a paved 1.1 ADA loop trail around the apple orchard and the meadow along Bridgetown Pike. This trail affords a panoramic view of the farm hub buildings, old farm equipment and the skyline above the forested hillside on the eastern board of the farm. When making the loop around the meadow check out the 1925 plaque placed there by the Pennsylvania Historic and Museum Commission designating it as the site of the Native American Village of Playwicki. Whether or not the village actually existed on Playwicki Farm has been a mystery that archaeologist have tried to solve for many years.

Preservation Trail

This is a 1.5 mile trail that features wildflowers, the Limestone Quarry, a mature Beech and Oak woodland and the remnants of a limekiln and views of the Turkey Run Creek. Access to this trail is to walk from the farm house toward the playground on the paved path. In the early morning or late afternoon you also may spot a few deer, ground hogs, rabbits or other wildlife and an abundance of flowering plants to observe. The Limestone Quarry can be spotted from the end of the footbridge. In the late spring through fall the pond and the base of the quarry will be filled with bright green watercress. In addition, there is an interpretive sign about the quarry and its unique Franklin Marble along the paved walking path.

Water Trail

This lowland trail meanders along the creek and intersects the Preservation Trail. A panoramic view of wetlands, the spring house behind the farmhouse, skirts the edge of meadows and the forest. It is interesting to note that a lot of the plants that are native to this area were here when the Lenape used this property as one of their camp sites. Native American used many of these plants for food, medicine and clothing.

Meadow Trails and Wildlife Watch

If you quietly walk these paths you will usually encounter a variety of birds, mammals and insects that thrive in this natural environment and a rich habitat for the life cycle of the monarch butterfly. These trails will further reward you with panoramic views of the farm and creek valley woodland.


Playwicki Farm offers a playground for the little ones to climb, swing, and play. Picnic benches are next to the playground for parents to rest their tired feet or for all to have lunch.


Here’s a map of Playwicki Farm’s walking trails to view and download.